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Organise an incentive event in Toulouse

Our Guide to Incentive Solutions is just what you need!

Our aim is to give you a glimpse of what the vibrant region of SW France has to offer including its hidden secrets!

This tool also reflects the city's "join forces" culture and its capacity to innovate.

All stakeholders in Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrénées region have come together to create a practical guide designed to capture your desires. Here you will find a wealth of ideas and constantly updated concepts, as well as all the useful contacts you will need to make life easier and pull off your event.

Your project and your objectives are the focus of our work

Whether it is designed to motivate, unite, challenge or reward, your event is unique. We offer solutions for all types of event - gourmet, sporty, totally off-the-wall or completely classic - and innovative ideas to match your specific identity.

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